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Ways to Personalize Your Toddler’s Clothing

Ways to

Your toddler has a personality all their own. And they are likely at that age when they’re ready to express themselves through clothing and accessories featuring their favorite colors or bedazzled with fun baubles. Since every child is unique, he or she should have clothing that reflects that. Here are a few ideas to personalize the contents of your tot’s closet, so they’re excited to get ready each morning and … Read more

Making Getting Dressed for the Day Fun for Your Toddler

Making getting dressed for the day

Do you feel as if you’re wrestling an octopus in the morning trying to get a shirt, pants and socks on your toddler? Getting ready for the day with a young child often ends in tears — for both them and Mom.

But there’s an easier way! If you make getting dressed fun for your tot, it will be less of a fight and easier to get out the door. … Read more

Valentine’s Day Pet Adoption Specials — Why Pets Make the Best Valentines

Valentine's Day Pet Adoption Specials

‘Tis the season of unconditional love. And what better love than that of a pet? There’s a reason variations of the quote “I hope to one day be the person my dog thinks I am” frequently makes its rounds on the Internet. Pets love you even at your worst. Whether or not you have a special someone to shower you with affection on February 14, you might be finding yourself … Read more

When Pets Are Treated Like Children

The Perfectly Sane Ways People Treat Their Pets Like Children

The Perfectly Sane Ways People Treat Their Pets Like Children

If your heart has been stolen by a furry little creature, it’s OK to confess: We love our pets like they’re our children. For those who haven’t yet been smitten with the adorable face of a dog, cat, ferret or guinea pig, it can be tough to understand the connection between owner and pet.

The Science Behind It

Most pet … Read more

The Best Customizable Gifts for Dogs


For dog lovers, there’s nothing more fun than pampering our pooches.

Maybe you have a pug, a Doberman or a retriever, or you’re buying for a friend’s ball of fur. Whatever your needs, you can find a stylish, sassy gift — such as custom dog t shirts — that can even be customized with your dog’s name or other identifying information.

And unlike when you buy for humans, you don’t … Read more

My Educational Journey: Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing

Digital vs. Screen Printing


“I want you to take my design, put it on this shirt and I’ll be wearing it out of here in time for lunch. What do you mean, ‘what kind of printing do I want to do?’ The t-shirt kind! Is my design a vector image? No, it’s a flower-dinosaurs aren’t really my thing.” This was the extent of my digital and screen printing knowledge, prior to T&H. You’re … Read more

Five Ways to Use a Custom Tote Bag

Five Great Uses for Tote Bags


Sometimes, the simplest things, are the best things. Let’s take tote bags, for example. All that they consist of, is some canvas with a couple of handles, yet it’s one of the most desirable accessories since the slap bracelet craze of the 90’s. Might as well move over Fendi, tote bags are coming through. Okay, maybe they aren’t quite up to designer bag status yet, but here are … Read more

Now Presenting…Custom Baby Products!

little child baby

In one of my very first posts, I mentioned how great it is to work at T&H. One of the many reasons that I especially love being a part of this team, is because everyone has an immeasurable amount of passion for what they do. It is because of these extreme levels of passion for various subjects, that we offer many of the products that we do. That being … Read more

T&H Presents…Custom Pet Products!


Ever since the day I was born, there has been a dog at the door, waiting to eagerly welcome me home. While that has remained consistent, the personalities of all of these furry family members over the years, have been drastically different. Just like many parents want with their children, I have always tried to show off my pups’ unique personalities, but never really had a way to do so. … Read more