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Ways to Personalize Your Toddler’s Clothing

Ways to

Your toddler has a personality all their own. And they are likely at that age when they’re ready to express themselves through clothing and accessories featuring their favorite colors or bedazzled with fun baubles. Since every child is unique, he or she should have clothing that reflects that. Here are a few ideas to personalize the contents of your tot’s closet, so they’re excited to get ready each morning and … Read more

Making Getting Dressed for the Day Fun for Your Toddler

Making getting dressed for the day

Do you feel as if you’re wrestling an octopus in the morning trying to get a shirt, pants and socks on your toddler? Getting ready for the day with a young child often ends in tears — for both them and Mom.

But there’s an easier way! If you make getting dressed fun for your tot, it will be less of a fight and easier to get out the door. … Read more