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Valentine’s Day Pet Adoption Specials — Why Pets Make the Best Valentines

Valentine's Day Pet Adoption Specials

‘Tis the season of unconditional love. And what better love than that of a pet? There’s a reason variations of the quote “I hope to one day be the person my dog thinks I am” frequently makes its rounds on the Internet. Pets love you even at your worst. Whether or not you have a special someone to shower you with affection on February 14, you might be finding yourself … Read more

Why Growing Up with a Pet is the Best

Growing Up With A Dog

There are many aspects of my childhood that I am beyond grateful for. One of these billions of reasons that I feel I had the best upbringing, is because I grew up with a dog. Growing up with a dog, or any pet for that matter, gives a child an extra special family member to learn from and love. Although everyone has their own reasons for why they might feel … Read more