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Featured Designer: Jane Crosen, Mapmaker


The seasons are changing, and so is our Featured Designer! Jane Crosen, Mapmaker uses our infamous flour sack towels in one of the most unique ways we’ve ever seen! What started out as map research and editing, turned into a series of hand-drawn map illustrations that are now popularly sold printed on postcards, T-shirts, and of course, flour sack towels!

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Featured Designer: Sprinkle Cheese Designs


Spring has sprung and so has our newest Featured Designer-S.C. Designs! Located down the street from us, in Lincoln Park, this Featured Designer has given a whole new meaning to loving what they do, and running their business with only one principle in mind-fun. S.C. Designs (AKA Sprinkle Cheese Designs), is run with a complete “go-with-the-flow” attitude, that you’ll wish you were a part of by the time … Read more

Featured Designer: Sea Street Graphics


Have you ever had thoughts about taking a stroll off the beaten path to start on a journey that involves a true passion? John and Nancy from Sea Street Graphics sure did, and they weren’t afraid to make the leap from corporate to creative to start their own successful business. If you’re looking for an extra shove in the right direction to make this kind of decision, let this month’s … Read more

Featured Designer: Kitch


The holidays are officially here, and we’re turning to the dynamic husband and wife duo from Kitch to help us spread some holiday cheer! Erin and Tim’s success all started with printing apparel for their bands, which led to the idea that they could do this for a living. This idea quickly became a reality, and they have now been taking the market for kitchen and home accessories by storm, … Read more

Featured Designer: Love You a Latte Shop


With the weather cooling down, it’s a perfect time to warm up with a taste of Love you a Latte Shop! Love You a Latte Shop started with a Craigslist Heat Press and has evolved into a rapidly growing, successful business, run by the close-knit Tovar family. If you’re looking for an inspirational pick-me-up, this is the story to give you exactly that!

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Featured Designer: Claire Christin

Featured Designer Logo Revised

Fall is here, and so is our new Featured Designer! This month we are featuring the fabulous Claire Christin, of “Claire Was Here”! What once started as doodles, Claire has now turned into real works of art. Learn how Claire got started on this journey and where her inspiration comes from!


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Featured Designer: Counter Couture

Featured Designer Logo Revised

Counter Couture is a business derived upon a lifestyle concept that so many dream to live-it’s sweet and simple, with a little creative spice mixed in to keep things fun. Creators of Counter Couture, are lovebirds Kaelin Tillery and Richard Duggan. If it’s not their love story that will get you hooked, their products surely will! Take a peek into how their admirable outlook on life resulted in such a … Read more

Featured Designer: Little White Church Antiques


Featured Designer Logo Revised

It’s a new month, meaning that we have a new Featured Designer-Peggy Landau! Peggy Landau of Little White Church Antiques, gives true meaning to the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. If it’s not beautifully repurposed or vintage items that Peggy is creating, it’s handmade items that are bursting with individuality. Want to know what kind of products I’m talking about? Read on to see!


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Featured Designer: French Silver

Featured Designer Logo Revised

July’s Featured Designer is, French Silver! French Silver is a shop as hot as the July sun, made up of a dynamic duo of two sisters that have a true knack for brightening a person’s day with just one look at their creations. Alexia and Jennifer see French Silver as a passion first, and a business second, which makes their crafts as unique as can be. Not only will … Read more

Featured Designer: Zen Threads

Featured Designer Logo Revised

Introducing this month’s Featured Designer…Zen Threads! The company is truly as cool as its name sounds, as they are experts at printing custom vintage tees and urban home goods, while doing the whole process in an Earth-friendly way! The brains behind this California craftiness, is Brandy Smith, a local Sacramento artist and California State alum! Read on to learn all about Zen Threads from the ones who know it the … Read more

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