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Five Easter Treats to Try

Easter Blog Post

Baking is without a doubt one of my favorite past-times for two reasons: 1. I am a huge foodie, and 2. Baking is one of the easiest crafts to get creative with! Since this craft hasn’t gotten much attention thus far, I decided that in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I would devote a post to five delicious Easter treats! These treats may be geared toward Easter, but all of these goodies can be altered for any occasion, which is the beauty of baking!


1. Easter Basket Cookies

This cookie is just as fun to assemble as it is to eat! While this dessert might look a little intimidating, it is surprisingly easy! All it takes is some cookie dough, which you will bake in muffin tins, licorice for the basket handle, frosting and jelly beans! The recipe calls for green coconut to top the cookie, but for those who aren’t coconut fans, green frosting will get the job done just fine! These cookies will look so good, that your guests might mistake them for decorations!

Complete instructions here:


2. Spring Cookie Pizza

spring cookie pizza

If Easter Basket Cookies take a little too long for some impatient tummies roaming around the kitchen, this Spring Cookie Pizza is a great alternative! It’s quick to make, as all you need is a roll of sugar cookie dough for the pie crust, and colorful marshmallows to top it with! Get creative with this dessert and add any other toppings that will satisfy your cravings!

Complete instructions here:


 3. Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

This dessert takes a classic treat and gives it a fun, Easter twist!  Create the same, old-fashion Rice Krispie treat recipe, and turn it into a special snack! While the Rice Krispies with the melted mallows are still hot, pour it into a plastic egg. After a few minutes, open the plastic egg to discover a Rice Krispie egg! From there, dip the egg into frosting, chocolate or whatever strikes your fancy! Decorate it with spunky sprinkles to give it that Easter flare.

Complete instructions here:


4. Easter Parfait

Who said that all desserts have to be unhealthy? This parfait will trick anyone into thinking they’re eating a diet’s worst enemy. In reality, this dessert is made up primarily of Greek Yogurt! Even though the other main ingredient is whipped cream, it’s still healthier than a lot of other dessert alternatives! Simply alternate the layers of different colored Greek yogurt with whipped cream, top with sprinkles and a marshmallow bunny, and you have a guilt-free Easter treat!

Complete instructions here:


5. Jelly Bean Cookie

This is one of my favorite recipes, not just for Easter, but for any time of the year that my sweet tooth is getting the best of me! It has also become a recipe that I now am not allowed to show up to any family parties without, so beware! While this will require a little bit of extra effort, (since the dough is made from scratch) your taste buds will thank you for it! Once you have created the dough, roll spoonfuls into a ball, and fold into them jelly beans (or chocolate, my personal go-to choice) for a luscious surprise in the center! After letting them cool, you can frost and sprinkle them to decorate them for the occasion! You better make sure to grab one, because these cookies have proven to fly off the plate!

Complete instructions here:


Have a “Hoppy” Easter, to all those that celebrate!

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