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The Benefits of Organic Baby Products

benefits of organic baby productsBabies come with boundless joy and precious moments, but parenthood also comes with some major decisions and worries: Are they getting enough tummy time? Is formula okay, or should I breast feed exclusively? How do I know if a day care is safe and high quality? Should everything that touches my baby be organic?

In the always connected age of technology, new parents are constantly bombarded with articles and posts … Read more

Planning the Ultimate Baby Shower


One of your friends or family members is expecting a baby — and you have accepted the task of planning the baby shower! What an honor!

You want nothing more than to plan the perfect baby shower. After all, it’s an event the mom-to-be will remember forever, and it’s the first official celebration of the new little bundle of joy. When you think about everything that goes into planning a … Read more

What Could Be Better Than Funny Baby Onesies?

There’s something particularly adorable about an infant dressed in funny baby onesies. Baby onesies with funny sayings always elicit smiles from people, and babies love the attention they get. When you’re looking for these onesies, the place to come is Towels & Home. You can even customize your item to make it even sillier or more personalized. It’s all easy to do from the convenience of your computer.

Onesies Make

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Must-Haves For Your Baby Nursery


For parents with a baby on the way, decorating a new nursery is a necessary part of the preparation process. It can also be a very daunting project, one that may require all nine months to complete. Babies have a multitude of needs, from brain development tools to diapers, and a well-designed nursery is the first step to meeting those needs in a proactive and deliberate way. It doesn’t matter … Read more

Simple Gift Ideas for Baby from Big Brother or Sister

Coming up with the perfect gift ideas for baby, can sometimes be a challenge. It can be especially challenging when your older, little one is asking what kind of gift they can give to their baby brother or sister. Sure, you can buy something and slap your kiddo’s name on the gift, but that’s not as special as them helping to create the gift themselves! This might seem unrealistic to … Read more

How to Design Your Own Custom Baby Clothes

“Custom baby clothes”-it sounds awesome, doesn’t it? That is, awesome until you realize the “custom” part means you have to come up with a design. For some, this part comes easy, but for others it takes a little bit more to get those creative juices flowing. If you’re one of those people, then let this post serve as the gas to your creative engine.
Since you’re reading this, I’m going … Read more

Spring Ensembles for Baby


The temperature is officially in the double digits. Do you know what that means? It means spring is here! Like so many parts of the country, you could find me cruising with the windows down this past week, because it was a toasty 45 degrees. That’s how you know you’ve just survived a Chicago winter.

So now that winter is (dare I say it) behind us, it’s time to get … Read more

15 Personalized Keepsakes for Baby in 2015

Blog Header-Personalized Keepsakes for Baby

Happy 2015! It’s a brand new year, which means it is time to make brand new memories! It’s a sad truth that time goes way too quick, especially when you have a little one on your hands. In order to make sure you don’t let a year go by without capturing as many memories as you can while your baby is still little, read on to see 15 Personalized Keepsakes … Read more

Ten Scary Good Baby Halloween Costumes

(Image source:

Halloween really creeped up on me this year! It has come up so fast, that I still have not decided what this year’s costume will be. Instead of turning to the web for my own costume’s inspiration, I have found myself spending many minutes giggling at pictures of hilarious baby costumes, in which I now encourage you must do the same. I could really share a … Read more

15 Personalized Baby Shower Gift Ideas

DIY Personalized Baby Shower GiftsI’m now at the age where my Facebook news feed is chock full of pregnancy photos, birth announcements and baby pics. This isn’t a complaint — it’s just an observation about the progression from the wedding and new apartment pictures of the past ten years, to the current baby boom in my newsfeed.

This infant-loving trend translates into a lot — 10 so far this year — of baby showers. … Read more

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