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Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Flour Sack Towels

Flour sack towels have been used in households for generations for cleaning, cooking and other household tasks. Made from 100% cotton, these towels are extremely absorbent and lint-free, making them ideal for removing dust and soaking up liquids.

Flour sack towels can be washed and dried in the washing machine, making them easy to clean after use. However, to maintain their absorbing power and crisp white appearance, you’ll need to … Read more

What Is the Difference Between Screen Printing and Digital Printing?

Screen printing and digital printing are two different printing processes. During the screen printing process, the image is turned into a stencil or screen. The screen is then placed on the fabric. Next, the printer swipes ink across the screen to transfer the image to the fabric. Digital printing does not require any screens. In this process, printers transfer a digital image using a device, such as an inkjet printer, … Read more

DIY Dog Clothes

DIY dog clothes

Your dog is and always has been a very important part of your family. You make sure that she (or he) has the very best, from dog food and medicine to outstanding veterinary care.

But the one thing your dog may be lacking is proper dog clothes. Instead of just buying dog clothes off the rack, try making your own unique versions. While you may not think that dog clothes … Read more

The Benefits of Organic Baby Products

benefits of organic baby productsBabies come with boundless joy and precious moments, but parenthood also comes with some major decisions and worries: Are they getting enough tummy time? Is formula okay, or should I breast feed exclusively? How do I know if a day care is safe and high quality? Should everything that touches my baby be organic?

In the always connected age of technology, new parents are constantly bombarded with articles and posts … Read more

DIY Shabby Chic Interior Décor Ideas

shabby chic interior design

Light and pretty. Slight distressed. A treasure found in something old. Interior design accommodates many tastes and styles, but not one is as eclectic and charming as shabby chic interior decorating — combining the new and old with a touch of grace and lightness. Chic means stylish, elegant and fashionable. Shabby means tattered and untidy. When you combine the two in shabby chic interior design, the result is a timeworn … Read more

How to Throw a Gorgeous Shabby Chic Wedding

shabby chic wedding

How to Throw a Gorgeous Shabby Chic Wedding

The term “shabby chic” is one of many in a long list of trendy wedding descriptors that also includes “rustic,” “country,” “vintage” and others. Whatever the name of choice might be, though, the hallmark of this style is the intersection of the natural and casual with the clean and modern.

While the shabby chic style may sound like it’s slapped together in … Read more

50 Brilliant and Unexpected Ways to Put Those Dish and Tea Towels to Work!

We’re willing to bet that right now, you have a bunch of beautiful dish towels and flour sack tea towels sitting around your house, and you aren’t sure what the heck to do with them. Maybe you bought them for the funny expressions printed on them, or perhaps they once adorned gift baskets you received and you thought they were too pretty to toss out. But now, there they sit … Read more

Five Times In College You Definitely Need That Awesome Party Shirt

Must Have Party Shirts

Homecoming. Finals week. Spring break. So many celebratory situations, so few party shirts with just the right message. Don’t be caught without the perfect party shirt, whether you’re partying at home or taking the celebration to the streets.

What’s the alternative to boring, off-the-rack shirts for university students? Personalized T-shirts for college students, of course.

Custom shirts make you stand out from the crowd. They show you have more than … Read more

Planning the Ultimate Baby Shower


One of your friends or family members is expecting a baby — and you have accepted the task of planning the baby shower! What an honor!

You want nothing more than to plan the perfect baby shower. After all, it’s an event the mom-to-be will remember forever, and it’s the first official celebration of the new little bundle of joy. When you think about everything that goes into planning a … Read more

Take Your Wedding Place Setting to the Next Level: Napkin Displays

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Brides and grooms today have endless possibilities to personalize their big day. Pinterest can be overwhelming for DIY brides, and all those projects can quickly add up.

One project that’s sure to make a big impact without breaking your budget is to take your wedding place settings to the next level with unique napkin displays. Get wedding place setting ideas and learn how to fold wedding napkins below.

Why You Read more

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