Have a craft project you wish to complete? T&H is on the job! Browse through our array of craft products that will serve as the foundation for many of your crafting needs! These blank items are especially ideal for any screen printing or embroidery project!

Craft Napkins Give Your Table That Little Something Extra

Are you tired of the same old boring look when you set your table every evening? You don’t need to buy new, expensive dishes, glasses or flatware. Instead, beautify your dinner table with napkins from Towels and Home. They make the perfect napkins for craft projects. For instance, you can easily turn them into handmade embroidery linens or even use them for screen printing purposes.

Towels and Home is Your Source for Quality Napkins for Embroidery and Screen Printing

Towels and Home offers a wide selection of craft napkins in a range of sizes, colors and prices. Select the damask for an elegant look or opt for the clean lines of versatile cotton. Embroidery linens are available in cotton and polyester blends, 100 percent cotton and 100 percent polyester. Regardless of your choice, they make ideal napkins for craft projects, providing the perfect backdrop for your individual design.

Use Our Linens for Embroidery and Screen Printing Projects

Due to their versatility and durability, these craft napkins are ideal for your next screen printing or embroidery project. Screen printing and embroidery are arts that take time to master.

Screen printing is a technique that transfers ink through a mesh onto the printing surface in order to produce a specific design. Since our napkins come in a variety of sizes and colors, they are a great option for your next screen printing project.

While screen printing is more of a professional skill acquired, older children and adults can easily learn rudimentary embroidery skills with a small amount of equipment, including embroidery hoops, needles and thread. If you have a design already in mind for your craft napkins, then you will also need a transfer tool – anything from a sharp pencil to iron-on ink. You just need to know where to stitch!

Laundering Your Craft and Embroidery Linens

Towels and Home’s napkins for craft projects are durable and easily laundered, but to ensure your embroidery linens last a long time, take special care during washing. Use a gentle cycle or hand wash with a mild detergent, and lay flat to dry. Remember the thread may not be color-safe or shrink-proof, so take care to protect your time investment!

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve mastered simple designs, you’ll be ready to move to more intricate patterns. Towels and Home offers large value packs of napkins, perfect for all your future embroidery and screen printing projects. Don’t see a color you like in the fabric you want? Don’t hesitate to ask!

The Towels & Home Design Store

At Towels & Home, we understand how fun and satisfying the creative process is because we’re design aficionados ourselves! That is why we love catering to the needs of the crafting community. Our crafting blanks include high quality fabrics perfect for both embroidery and printing — and now, Towels & Home is pleased to provide custom embroidery, custom screen printing and custom digital printing. Watch your best design dreams come to life with our one-stop Design Store, where our professionals can help you with everything from one piece to hundreds of pieces!

The process couldn’t be simpler. Send us your AI file format and we will do the rest —.jpeg, .tif, .gif and other file formats are acceptable too — and let us make your custom print or sew project easy and fun. If you’re not sure where to begin, contact us. We’re more than happy to help you choose a font, decide between digital printing and screen printing, and select a fabric perfect for your design’s specifications!

Your One-Stop Printing Shop

At Towels & Home, we want to provide the best in Style, Interaction and Value. We also want you to be thrilled with your crafting outcome. At Towels & Home, we not only provide you with quality craft blanks at value pricing, we also want to be your one-stop-shop for your printing needs! Explore our Design Store, and discover the Style, Interaction and Value we provide to our customers every single day.