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Where Ideas Become Reality

T&H is your home for turning ideas into products.  Whether you’re a designer on Etsy, a new mom making clothes for her baby, or a school in need of custom uniforms, T&H has it all.  We stock a comprehensive line of personalized kitchen and bath towels, apparel, and fabrics. Even better, we customize almost all of the items we stock!  We can print on your baby’s first birthday onesie; or we can create customized bath towels for your pets.  When you shop at Towels & Home we make it easy to create the personalized baby and pet apparel, bath towels, kitchen accessories, linens and more. No matter the project, no matter the gift, T&H bridges the gap between your idea and reality.  

Design Store

We print. We embroider. We allow you to custom design your product using our software.  Play around with our Design Store and see for yourself! Whether you need custom printed apparel, craft blanks for your new business or promotional towels and linens for your event, Towels & Home can help you create the look you want at incredibly affordable prices.

By using our DesignStore, the sky is the limit for your designing wants and needs. Thinking of what to do for your little one? Create a customized baby bib to keep that custom printed baby tee clean! Looking for something for your pup or cat? Give your four-legged friends their own custom bath towels! What about a gift for yourself? Create your own personalized bath robe! At T&H, you can create something for everyone!

Our DesignStore is tailored to meet any customization need! You can send us a digital file of your company logo and order custom printed apparel and accessories — perfect for promotional giveaways. Even our trademark flour sack towels can be turned into your own customized lint free towel! How does the process work?  Click on the button below,  choose your item, select your design method (print or embroidery), play with your design until it’s something you like, and submit! It’s that simple.

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Flour Sack Towels

Flour sack towels have proved to be truly timeless over the last few years. Once used as a sack that held flour, it is now a worldwide craft sensation. From using these lint free towels as a cleaning tool, to screen printing your own design, to using them as professional kitchen towels to assist with baking bread, flour sacks are a unique piece of history that will always serve a purpose to this world.

At T&H, we recognize the inherent value of this time-honored essential by stocking the most comprehensive line of flour sack towels in the United States!